TIME Systems’ DoD Mentor-Protégé Relationship with Leidos Sold to Lockheed Martin

WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug. 2016 – In 2015, TIME Systems joined the Department of Defense Mentor-Protégé Program (DoD MPP) with Lockheed Martin as their mentor. Under the MPP, small businesses are partnered with larger companies, which help them to expand their footprint in the defense industrial base. Lockheed Martin recently sold their information technology and technical services, including their contract with TIME Systems, to Leidos in a Reverse Morris Trust transaction with an approximate aggregate value of $4.6 billion. Leidos is one of the first businesses authorized under the DoD MPP to create relationships with small businesses, especially Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSBs) like TIME Systems. At minimum, Leidos provides its Protégé businesses with training, mentorship, technology transfer, and certifications.

About Leidos

Leidos makes the world safer, healthier, and more efficient through information technology, engineering, and science. Our vision is to become the global leader in the integration and application of information technology, engineering, and science to solve our customers’ most demanding challenges. We will deliver innovative solutions through the efforts of our diverse and talented people who are dedicated to our customers’ success. We will empower our teams, contribute to our communities, and operate sustainably.

For more information, please visit www.leidos.com.

About TIME Systems

Launched in 2005 with a vision of dominating in Technology, Innovation, Management, and Engineering, TIME Systems is committed to providing high quality solutions and support services in the secured intelligence and information domains. Headquartered in Northern Virginia, we possess expertise in the fields of information technology, systems engineering, management, and consulting, while specializing in program and project management, strategic communications, and Microsoft SharePoint integration. We have strong past performance with the Department of Defense (DoD), other government agencies such as the Department of Transportation and the Department of Veterans Affairs, and customers in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

For more information, please visit www.timesystemsllc.com.

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